Happy Clients

Lynn, We are truly grateful to you for making such incredible meals for us to enjoy! My grandmother calculated that she prepared over 70,000 meals for my grandfather in her lifetime! It really is a labor of love and one that you do so well!!! I can only describe it as a luxury escape from the normal grind and a bucket list dream come true. We really appreciate all that you do and we will savor it until next time!


Good morning Lynn. We are still talking about the Excellent dinner, your spirit, and your wonderful support staff. Many of us have been to many restaurants around the US and you rate with the finest experience we have had. Thanks again for the special event and much continued success.


One of the events that I look forward to every year is having Lynn Flowers come cook for us. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just because, she always does an amazing job. We LOVE Lynn! Her food is delicious and fresh. One of the things that I appreciate most about Lynn is she cooks from the heart and it really shows in her food and presentation. It’s top notch. Her organized approach lets you enjoy your guests while she takes care of the details. When you hire Lynn, it’s not just a meal , but an unforgettable experience!

Avery Harrison, Duck, NC

Hi Lynn, Bill and I wanted to thank you again for contributing, in a great and important way, to a most successful McCauley family reunion. Your table settings and floral arrangements were gorgeous, your menus and cuisine were divine, and the timing and service were impeccable. We truly appreciated your cheerful disposition and masterful command of a foreign kitchen and a less than pristine gas grill!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and good cheer. You certainly delivered on your promise of a memorable occasion and three delectable dinners! We wish that everyone visiting the Outer Banks could enjoy this experience–or experience this joy!!

Cindy + Bill

Lynn was responsible for a wonderful, memorable meal at the occasion of the Rehearsal Dinner for my son’s wedding. I had heard great things about her-and was not disappointed ! The food of course, was fantastic-everything local, fresh and exquisitely prepared, using her own delicious recipes for her signature dishes (her crab cakes are amazing!) The entire wedding party was delighted with the meal! Lynn made this very special occasion unique , starting with the planning the menu, (from the lovely hors d’oeuvres, through to the selection of desserts) made a perfect presentation, and then served it all up with her natural aplomb! She is a real professional ( unflappable) and I have to add (as a Brit transplanted to CA) she exemplifies all that I imagine to be lovely about Southern charm & warmth!

Donna, California

Lynn was very responsive from the first day I contacted her. Her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our vacation enjoyable was wonderful. She came early afternoon, prepared the meals for the children, cleaned and then prepared the meal for all of the adults. Our family was truly able to enjoy the entire vacation without having to worry about cooking for 22 people. The biggest compliment I can give you, Lynn, is this- the day before the last dinner with you, a few kids said to me, “we can’t wait for Lynn to come back and cook for us”. The food was absolutely fresh and amazingly delicious. We look forward to using your services again. Thank You!

Chris R., Connecticut

We wish to thank you very much for being a great chef and having such a bubbly personality. You have given us great memories as well as food.

Lorri + Roger

In some circles, “restaurant-quality” has become an empty cliché, but, as someone who writes about restaurants, I think it captures well the reason that we have hired Lynn again and again year after year. The meals Lynn prepares are as good as, and often better than, those we’ve enjoyed at the best restaurants on the Outer Banks. Of course, in the case of Lynn’s meals, we have the added benefit of not having to leave our beach house, and having the kitchen left spotless. With food this good and the experience so pleasant, Lynn makes it harder and harder each year to justify ever going out to eat.

Simon Davidson

Lynn. I can’t thank you enough for such a special evening and the most amazing food. We are going to be with very full and happy tummies. We’ve been talking about dinner since you left. I know you’ll be wowing more families soon.


Hi Lynn. I meant to write to you sooner but the days just got away from me. I have to repeat to you that was the BEST meal I have ever eaten. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and culinary skills. From the appetizers through dessert….amazing. I am really picky about the temperature of my food….the hotter the better and you nailed it. We fought over the gazpacho the next day:-) and I am savoring the dessert and having at least a slice a day. I sacrificed and sent the risotto home with Caitlin along with my leftovers so Matt could have a taste. We are looking forward to seeing you again in October and indulging in your fabulous food.


Hi Lynn, Lou & I cannot thank you enough for catering such a wonderful dinner last week. The food was delicious, and we were all glad that there were some leftovers…especially the decadent dessert!!! It was so nice of you to bring me flowers from your own garden. We all enjoyed them until we left on Sunday. Please let John know how much he was appreciated also. You make a great team! We hope to see you again in the near future.

Mary Lou + Lou

Daily meals of brunch & dinner…. Lynn cooked for me and 13 of my girlfriends for a beach week-end getaway for my 40th birthday and everything was FABULOUS! Lynn made the experience so easy right from the initial contact. The menu choices were phenomenal and she was very accommodating with special dietary requests and changes. She had excellent suggestions and the food was amazing. Even something as simple as brown rice was to die for! Outside of the fabulous food, Lynn is also a joy to have around which is important as she was at the beach house most of the day for our 3 –day week-end. She is fun and charming without being intrusive. We loved our experience and give her the highest recommendation. We can’t wait to get back next year and book her again! This is the second time we have had Lynn for our annual girl’s beach week-end and we can honestly say that it is the highlight of our trip! The food is phenomenal. We selected repeats from last year that we had been craving and tried several new things and it was all mouth-watering. Thank goodness the weather cooperated or we might never have had the experience of Lynn’s meringues…unbelievable! And, Lynn is so much fun to have around. We thoroughly enjoy everything about her and highly recommend her! Here’s to next year!

Amy, Charlottesville, VA